Neko Neko Post

Premium Japanese stationery delivered to your door every month

Neko Neko Post offers thoughtfully curated packages of Japanese greeting cards, postcards, stickers and cute stationery goods to excite any stationery lover! ❤️

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Easy to order

Choose the package type and subscription plan that works best for you! 

Seasonal themes

Each month your stationery package will feature a new seasonal Japanese theme! Orders placed after the 4th of the month will receive the next month's package.

Premium quality

Rest assured - only the best quality stationery products make it into our packages.

Unique Packages

Every Neko Neko Post package is unique! We handpick the contents of each of our packages - no bulk wholesale orders here. 

How It Works

1. Choose your package type

2. Choose a subscription plan

3. Get excited for 

your package to arrive!

What's inside 

a Neko Neko Post package?

We’re so glad you asked! Every month we handpick a selection of seasonal Japanese stationery for your package. You can expect to find the highest quality Japanese greeting cards, postcards, stickers and other cute Japanese stationery items inside! 

Every package is unique - browse the #nekonekopost hashtag on Instagram to see what everyone else received!