Sharing the best stationery Japan has to offer with the world 💌

Neko Neko Post creates packages filled with an assortment of beautiful hand-chosen Japanese stationery and delivers it to your doorstep monthly.


About Neko Neko Post

Hey there! We're Sharla & Ushka ❤️ We created Neko Neko Post to share the best parts of Japanese stationery with the world. Having both lived in Japan for many years, we're always shopping for interesting greeting cards and postcards to keep in touch with our friends and family overseas. Everyone is always excited to open our mail because the level of stationery in Japan is next to none. We want to share this fun experience with as many of you as possible! We hope our packages filled with greeting cards, postcards and stickers inspire you to share some beautiful handwritten messages with your family and friends 💌

Meet our team


Tea addict and stationery hoarder from Canada


Stationery connoisseur and cat mom from New Zealand

Pippin & Maro

The ones that run the show

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